Enjoy latte in a good energy field

May 5, 2017

The Gulf Islands attract dreamers. They dream of running a Bed and Breakfast away from the urban rat race. They dream of having the time to write all the time or paint all the time or love all the time. They dream of starting up a little café…

Gulf Islands Driftwood — Pender Islands Edition

Wedsnesday, March 22, 2000

Enjoy latte in a good energy field

by Tanya Lester

Not only will Hope Bay Village be the kind of place where you can “hang out” and enjoy coffee while you rejuvenate your energy, it will draw you there because of the special energy it exudes, according to owner Kees Van Der Valk.

Scheduled to re-open this summer after a fire burned it to the ground two years ago, the 7,000-square-foot, two-story structure overlooking Hope Bayer’s glittering waters will boast numerous retail outlets of different sizes and shapes. Among them will the only fresh fish market on the Penders, a casual wear shop featuring the store owner’s designs, a book and gallery store, and a sit-down café right on the water. An interior design office will also be new with two upstairs entrances leading to second-floor offices.

The original historical building’s layout or “footprints” are being utilized in reconstruction, said Van Der Valk.

To embrace the heritage look of the new structure, the owner, who “stumbled on” the North Pender building when he came to Canada from the Netherlands for the second time in 1992, is using a host of recycled wood products.

There is recycled fir flooring, window frames, doors, beams, posts and siding. The building’s look will include dormer windows with a white exterior.

“I enjoy being part of creating this place where people will be going for a long time,” Van Der Valk said, putting a two-century timeline on how long he believes the building will extend into the future.

The building’s past goes back about a century to 1905, he explained, with many people remembering the place as a general store where they went as children. In those days, someone butchered meat on the premises. Gulf Islanders arrived on the ferry which docked alongside it (where the government dock is now located) to buy fresh meat and cattle feed, said Van Der Valk.

The owner believes the place is located on special energy lines like those described by New Age prophets such as James Redfield. There is no doubt that the place lifts one’s spirits.

Van Der Valk wants the building to be harmonious with the surrounding earth and ocean but, being of European background, the challenge for him is building with wood. It is less flexible to work with than the brick or stone renovation he had experience in overseas.

He does not consider himself a builder and so thanks everyone involved in the project for being supportive by helping him to re-build.

“People can relax and forget (pressing issues) here,” said Van Der Valk. “It’s a place where they can let go and just be. That lots of people will enjoy it is what drives me to do it.”


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