South Pender wades into land use bylaw

May 28, 2017

Anyone who has noticed the posts on this blog will realize that I have written many, many articles and that I have attended many, many meetings in order to write a good segment of these articles.

NOTHING. I will write that again: NOTHING is more frustrating to understand than Island Trust (the governing body of the Gulf Islands that lay between the lower and middle BC mainland coast and Vancouver Island) by-law meetings.

I suspect most people who attend those meetings have great difficulty understanding what is being said about the by-laws and the proposed changes.

In fact, one staff person (who eventually moved to the top of the Islands Trust staff¬† heap) once told me that even she, with all of her experience and expertise with the Islands Trust, had difficulty understanding one Islands trustee who want on and on and on in —what I can only guess to be– Islands Trust legalese lingo.

I am not a-head-bashing-against-the-wall type of person but if I was these meetings could have easily driven me there.

Perhaps symbolically, the article I am about to share with you has a big piece seemingly chewed out of it. Fitting, I say, based on how much I loathed covering Islands Trust meetings.

The following will give you a taste of what I mean:

Gulf Islands Driftwood — Pender Islands Edition

March 22, 2000

South Pender wades into land use bylaw

by Tanya Lester

Trustees John Henshaw and John Rumble are embarking on a process that promises to consume at least a couple of Saturday afternoons over the next few months as they gather community feedback on the proposed South Pender Land Use Bylaw (LUB).

About 40 residents attended the South Pender Islands Trust business meeting and community information meeting concerning the LUB working draft last Saturday at the South Pender Fire Hall….

….To actually number the rural zones as being four will make it easier to understand when residents are reading this section of the bylaw, according to Rumble.

The LUB section on marine zones, which concerns where docks can be constructed on South Pender, is another change being proposed by the Islands Trust.

At present a zoning bylaw prohibits people from building docks, explained Rumble.

The new LUB proposal recommends that docks be allowed to be built in areas protected from heavy winds in the northern end of the island.

Rumble concurred that safety and aesthetics is a local dock-related issue.

Another change in the LUB proposal is to have houses set back 15 metres or approximately 50 feet — as opposed to the present 25 feet — from water courses.

Rumble responded to a suggestion that the official community plan (OCP) should have been updated first by pointing out that the sub-division bylaw was designed in 1976 with the zoning bylaw coming into effect in 1980.

These laws are in fact more outdated than the OCP, which was authored in 1991. He added, however, that once the LUB is approved, the trustees will then turn to the OCP to ensure that bylaw changes will be applicable to the OCP.

South Pender resident Jane Perch, who was formerly a trustee, attended the meeting last Saturday.

“I’m happy enough to go through the process with everyone having a say and with the trustees listening,” said Perch, after the meeting.

Rumble also felt the meeting was productive and went well.

Local Trust committees throughout the Gulf Islands have been dealing with by-law changes concerning the LUB over the last two years….


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