Tanya Lester

May 31, 2017

In the early 1990s, I taught a number of writing courses, both creative writing and autobiographical.

I believe often what we want to be our lifework comes to us when we are very young. As a pre-teen and even ttenager, I often thought I would like to be a teacher or a nurse.

I ended up doing both but not in the mainstream style. I taught writing courses and later, I taught people how to do the ancient art of tea leaf reading.

Giving people intuitive readings is often very healing. I also integrate reiki into what I do which is profound energy healing. I send reiki before giving a reading, to animals while I housesit them and generally to people around the world who are struggling.

Not a typical nurse nor a typical teacher but I work in ways that add to the passion of what I do.

The following is my short biography that was printed and ran in the publication of the University of Winnipeg Continuing Education program which was one place where I taught:

University of Winnipeg Continuing Education — Writing Program

Tanya Lester

Do you like to dabble in writing or maybe you have already written a short story or have an idea for a novel?

Do you want some creative direction from a published author and the chance to meet other aspiring writers in a relaxed atmosphere?

Tanya Lester, Creative Writing Instructor in our Writing and Journalism Program can guide you through the writing process.

“I have noticed more of an interest in writing in the past few years, especially as people realize there are good Canadian writers out there,” Tanya says. She integrates discussion on authors and information on the Manitoba writing community into her classes. Students read and discuss their own work in class. “Tanya’s class gave wonderful resources and support for our writing.  The feedback and criticism was invaluable,” commented one student.

Tanya began writing 12 years ago and says that although she’s done a lot of other things, she finds she is constantly pulled back to writing. “It’s a career but it’s almost a way of life.”

Her fiction, non-fiction, and prose poetry have been widely published in numerous journals and magazines. Her novel, Friends I Never Knew, was just published this year by gynergy books. She co-wrote a Popular Theatre Alliance play: Under the Line , has self-published a collection of short stories in 1985 called Dreams and Tricksters.


Tanya’s other books are Friends I Never Knew and Women Rights/Writes.

To read more posts on an eclectic number of topics that Tanya has written about, go to writingsmall,wordpress. com and tealeaf56.wordpress.com

Tanya now works as a psychic specializing in tea leaf reading, tarot, mediumship and Russian gypsy card reading. For more information and to access her services, go to her web: teareading.wordpress.com or to her pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. Her email is tealeaf.56@gmail.com and to text or phone her: 250-538-0086.





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