Pagan Pop rocks Pender markets

June 20, 2017

One wonderful addition to all of the Markets (I can’t say Saturday Markets because they run on every different day of the week depending on where they are on the West Coast) throughout Vancouver Islands and the Gulf Islands are the excellent musicians that play at each of them.

The musicians are almost always local to the area and are usually different ones each week. Like artists and writers, this illustrates the large numbers of professional musical ‘magicians’ on the islands.

The following is a story about one group:

Gulf Islands Driftwood– Pender Islands Edition

June 14, 2000

Pagan Pop rocks Pender markets

by Tanya Lester

A new voice on the Penders is musician Zorah Staar who is performing her Pagan Pop on the market circuit during several Saturdays throughout the month of June.

Staar relocated to the islands four months ago, intent on spending at least a year of focused work on her music. It started to happen for her four years ago when song lyrics began to pop into her head.

Two years ago, she started performing. Even though a couple of decades has intervened since she studied piano as a kid, Staar is again tickling the ivories and has added guitar to her musical interpretations. She wants to get the message across that it is never too late in life to return to an earlier passion or to develop a new one.

“I just figured these songs were coming through to me and it was my job and my joy and my passion to share, she said.

Pagan Pop is a musical genre that Staar has coined. She describes its as ancient rhymes, new edge songs for new age times. The musical structures borrow from pop as well as ancient tribal music.

She said, “It’s new age-y but with a pop rock edge.” Other of her performance pieces are ballads.

Song themes evolve around goddesses and gods, earth-based spirituality, personal growth and transformation.

Her song Nehalennia, for instance, refers to a goddess honoured by her pagan ancestors called Frisians who lived on the North Sea coast of Holland. It is about how hungry our spirits are for connection and transformation and for healing.

Staar moved to the West Coast from Winnipeg five years ago. She has been working most recently in community development for non-profit groups in Langley.

She is spending a lot of time now rehearsing for the CD she will be producing through Paul Brosseau’s Nomad Music on Salt Spring. It will be released in July and she will be marketing it through the Internet….


Tanya Lester has worked for over two decades as a psychic specializing in tea leaf reading, tarot, psychic channeling and mediumship.  She is also a reiki master and energizers her readings with this healing. She also housesits with special love for the animals she finds in her care. To contact her for her services email her at or: text or call her at 250-538-0086 cell. Her website is  She also has pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.

Tanya’s books are Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader and Friends I Never Knew which are both available for sale from or from the author. Her other books are Dreams and Tricksters as well as Women Rights/Writes. These books are available in some public libraries.

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