Friends I Never Knew

September 9, 2017

I have written four books. I have self-published three and had one published by a publishing company.

Anyone who thinks this is ‘a piece of cake’ has never attempted to write a book.

Trust me on this one.

Here is the promotional blurb that gynergybooks/Ragweed Press personnel used for my book,  Friends I Never Knew:

New Books by gynergy books

Spring 1992

Friends I Never Knew

Tanya Lester

Tara has exiled herself on an island, away from all that is familiar. She is resolved to finally write about the extraordinary women she has known through her work in the women’s movement, and whose stories she has jotted down, over the years, in her green notebook. But as she pieces together and labours over the scattered fragments and sketches, she finds herself telling another, unexpected story: her own. ‘Friends I Never Knew’ is an eloquent testimony to the power and necessity of storytelling.

Tanya Lester’s stories, reviews and articles have been widely published, and she has worked as an editor and playwright. ‘Friends I Never Knew’ is Tanya Lester’s first novel. She lives in Winnipeg with her son Luke. (Blogger’s note: I did at the time of publication).


Tanya’s books are Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader and Friends I Never Knew (available for purchase from the author or from as well as Dreams and Tricksters and Women Rights/Writes. These books are also available in many library systems.

To read more posts on this blog of Tanya’s stories on a wide range of topics go to and

Tanya works as a psychic specializing in tea leaf reading, tarot and mediumship and instills her divination with reiki energy as well as housesitting. For more information, go to her web site: or her pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter. Her email is and her phone number is 250-538-0086.


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