School Board Ventures Into Affordable Housing

November 18, 2017

This little article probably tells the entire story of how far the Gulf Islands school board got into affordable housing.

Not too far at all as far as I know.

Salt Spring Village Views

April 30, 2004

School Board Ventures Into Affordable Housing

by Tanya Lester

University students researching affordable housing for the school district’s Drake Road property on Salt Spring could be the silver lining in a storm cloud which has unleashed Phoenix Elementary building closure and a Gulf Islands four-day school week probability.

Salt Spring school trustee Mike Krayenhoff, who was elected to the school board’s Task Force on Land Development at its April meeting, is in the initial stages of discussing this possibility with a Washington, D.C. public policy professor who would like to send his graduate students here.

Krayenhoff said the sutdents, who would be taking a Sustainable Communities and Organizations course, could gather information on sustainable housing. At little or no salary cost to the district, she said they could research optimum density and how to maintain social health in such a housing development.

From George Washington University’s School of Business and Public Management, the students could also look at other communities who have done similar projects successfully while delving into practicalities such as water and sewer. “It’s about how to keep the flowers growing (in affordable housing),” said Krayenhoff. “It’s keeping it socially healthy and not (having) a ghetto.”

To this end, Krayenhoff suggested the development would provide housing for families as well as seniors and those in other walks of life. She stressed the task force is in its embryonic stage and members are open to community input. This includes interest in hearing from sustainable developers.

Krayenhoff indicated School District 64 has other property which could be used for housing, She pointed out the school division office at 112 Rainbow Road is in a prime Ganges location. Future school closures could open up the Salt Spring Middle School location at 120 Rainbow Road near Park Drive.

When asked why the school board did not become involved in affordable housing years ago as declining enrollment started to become evident, Krayenhoff said the school community was focused on other financial generating measures at the time.

There include the international students program and secondary learning centres on the outer Gulf Islands. Creating these school components helped the district avoid school closures when other districts were closing theirs, she said.

Phoenix Elementary School now conducts its alternative program in a building on the Drake Road property. Phoenix parents believe a school in the affordable housing development would be an asset for families inhabiting it.


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