Save Salt Spring fund organizes big concert

November 25, 2017

Here is another of the articles referring to fundraising to save the trees from being clear cut at the turn of the century (this century) on Salt Spring Island.

I continue to post them because as someone who studied history, you never know who is going to glean from such pieces whether a student, journalist, researcher or author. It is good to give people access to these records of what happened in the past:

Gulf Islands Driftwood

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Save Salt Spring fund organizes big concert

by Tanya Lester

Randy Bachman, Simon Collins and Tara McLean are just some of the big names who have agreed to perform at the Commodore in Vancouver for the Save Salt Spring Campaign Funhd.

Andrea Collins, the fund’s founder, also said it is likely that the entire reunited Guess Who band will make the August 9 gig.

Another of the fund’s projects is a calendar for which Salt Spring women of all ages and sizes posed nude. The calendar can be ordered through the fund’s website and will be available in bookstores as well.

Calendar funds will go specifically towards land acquisition. The Burgoyne Bay area of the property now owned by Texada Land Corporation (TLC) will be given first purchase priority if it has not been clear-cut, said Collins.

Usually, Save Salt Spring Campaign Fund proceeds go towards costs of any expenses The Land Conservancy of BC acquisition fund does not cover. Donations and pledges to the land acquisition fund does not cover. Donations and pledges to the land acquisition fun go towards buying TLC land.

Collins said it has been brought to her attention that some potential donors and others opposed to TLC clear-cutting have been confused about the parameters of the two funds.

Newspaper and magazine interviews with Collins, who was formerly married to rock superstar Phil Collins, have propelled the issue of TLC clear-cutting and opposition into national and international consciousness.

Last week, an interview with Collins appeared in The National Post. Canadian Press also talked to her recently…


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