The virtue of being a writer

December 16, 2017

When I moved to Salt Spring Island, BC, with my son Luke, I discovered Linda Kavelin Popov’s “The Virtues Guide”. Each day, or as often as was possible, I shared one of the virtues in the book with him. It was a good way to systemically consider the good aspects of living and how to strive to be virtuous in a wide range of ways. On my own, I do not think I could of explored all these qualities of life or ways to be good with Luke.

The following is an article I did , based on an interview with Popov:

Gulf Islands Driftwood

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The virtue of being a writer

by Tanya Lester

When Linda Kavelin Popov talks about how “The Virtues Guide” she and her partners self-published in 1919 and sold out of their Salt Spring garage inspires people to live a more virtuous life in 85 countries, it seems nothing short of a miracle.

Popov, who will speak at this year’s Writers” Day at the library, is the first to admit her belief in angels.

In fact, she says, it is a whole team of angels , including their marketing director, that’s behind the success of the guide and a number of related books, including her most recent, “A Pace of Grace”.

Of the many virtues listed in “The Virtues Guide”, the one that stands out as the motivator for the birth of this project is idealism. Popov explains she, her husband Dan and brother John wanted to make “a positive difference in the world” and counter violence when they put their heads together in Victoria and came up with the idea for the guide.

Other virtues Popov lists as associated with the project are grace, purposefulness and service.

But perhaps the most surprising is prayerfulness. Certainly it was not a marketing concept that Penguin Books executives in New York City (now the publishers of Popov’s books) had ever considered until meeting the Salt Spring author.

Popov said they expected to be told about an elaborate marketing plan when they asked how she and her partners had managed to sell 60,000 books out of their garage.

Her answer, instead, was to point upwards, indicating praying to God had made things happen.

What did happen, said Popov, is that people merely told other people about the guide and within two months an incredible number of books had sold. Its time had come.

Sixteen years later, Popov regularly shares “The Virtues Guide” concepts with people all over the world.

This includes working as part of a facilitation team, using healing circles, to help school communities heal after shootings occur.

Currently she uses her writing and communications skills to prepare community materials, write columns (including one for the Driftwood’s “Aqua” magazine) and to work towards a radio show pilot.

Sometime in the future she intends to write a book documenting the experiences of parents and children who have used “The Virtues Guide”.

Popov believes the Writers’ Day event is an important celebration because Salt Spring Island has such an abundance of writers, artists and musicians who thrive on community support.

“It is very important that we hear each other’s stories,” she said.

She always enjoys doing public speaking, whether the audience is comprised of West Australian prisoners, CEOs in Korea or Salt Spring residents.

“People are people and the human heart is the human heart,” she said….

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