Inner Growth Channel Tuning

December 21, 2017

The appropriate precursor to the following article has to be this:

Shortly before I dated Roger Joyeux a few times, I was on holidays in Salt Spring Island prior to moving there.

During my visit there, I got a reading from Leslie Wallace, a reiki master and psychic. In response to my question about who I would be dating in the future, Wallace responded with ‘he will be so tall, you will need a ladder to be able to kiss him’.

I arrived back in Winnipeg to a brutal spring snowstorm. I was walking towards my house when Roger, to whom I was slightly acquainted, walked by me and we greeted each other. It struck me immediately how tall he was. Tall enough that I would ‘need a ladder’.

Maybe it was hoping that Roger could be a distraction from the weather that gave me the courage to call him. He invited me over to his place which was nearby.

When I arrived he explained he had been doing renovations on his house which he was going to put on sale soon. There he was standing by a tall stepladder.

I knew we were meant to date.

Here’s a story I wrote about how Roger got into psychic channeling:

West Central Streets

April 1997

Inner Growth Channel Tuning

by Tanya Lester

Since Roger Joyeux moved into his duplex on Beverley Street in  1990, he has taken an incredibly long journey but most of this travel has been within himself. “This has been my house of inner growth,” said Joyeux.

His journey began when a co-worker told him about Siddha Yoga. Joyeux started to attend weekly meditation sessions. The door to experiencing spiritual love opened up to him.

During this time, he was working in home care. One of his clients was a 106 year old man who lived in a highrise and due to his age spent most of his time sleeping. Joyeux passed his time reading a book called Opening to Channel.

One day he heard a voice on a telepathic level. “Don’t be alarmed,” it said. Immediately after, the building supervisor did a 15 minute alarm test. The alarm was extremely loud. During this commotions, an angelic spiritual guide came and introduced himself to Joyeux. He was told that spiritual information would be channeled through him after he returned from a Siddha Yoga spiritual event called the Ashram, in India.

Joyeux compared his first channeling experiences to receiving a radio signal which is out of tune. Once he began writing down the messages he was getting, the channel became clear. He now has several binders filled with the story of universal light and creation. To me, it makes sense in the same way that The Bible does. Both are incredible stories. Excerpts from his book manuscript have been published in several issues of The Aquarian, a publication which focusses on healing.

The technique Joyeux uses can be described as automatic writing. He puts pen to paper and it is as if the story writes itself.

Joyeux uses his intuition to encourage spiritual channeling directed to clients. He believes we can all open ourselves to spiritual guidance but the channel will be more clear depending on the number of times a soul has reincarnated.

He thinks it is no accident that he lives in the West End. He sees the area as transitional for many who then move on. In his case, he came to the area after spending time in politics and academics, dealing with people on a societal level. The transition he has made in the last seven years has been to heal within.

In his mid-forties, Joyeux has his honours degree in Political Studies, was once nominated to run for the NDP in the city elections, has worked as a high sky diver and at Harry’s Foods. He now works at the Salvation Army to pay the bills while he completes his first book.


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Tanya works as a psychic specializing in tea leaf reading, tarot, psychic channeling, mediumship and gypsy card reading. She is also a reiki master who instills healing energy into her psychic reading sessions. She is also a fulltime housesitter. Her web site is at  She has pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as being an Alignable member. To book a reading, get a reiki attunement or have Tanya do a housesit, text or call her at 250-538-0086 or email:

Tanya’s books are Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader, Friends I Never Knew, Dreams and Tricksters and Women’s Rights/Writes. 

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