Jordan off to Toronto film festival

January 3, 2018

It is true that you can find talent anywhere.

I remember attending a Solstice Theatre play on the Pender Islands when I was working for the Gulf Islands Driftwood and gathering news on the Penders during weekends. I think my mouth hung open throughout the production because I was so impressed with its quality.

Sheila Jordan was definitely one to light up the stage (and I am sure still does, even though I’ve lost track of her, having last saw her living on Salt Spring Island).

I was glad to pieces for the Pender Islands Edition about Jordan. The following is one of them:

Gulf Islands Driftwood — Pender Islands Edition

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Jordan off to Toronto film festival

by Tanya Lester

Sheila Jordan, an active Solstice Theatre member on the Penders, is one of six Canadian filmmakers selected to pitch a script at the Toronto International Film Festival, one of the “biggest” events in the industry.

Jordan will travel to the Ontario capital to appear at a September 12 luncheon attended by 300 festival delegates including producers, distributors and directors from all over the world.

During the lunch, 24 international judges will view two scenes from Jordan’s Honey in the Rock. Others who will present their work are two scriptwriters from Quebec, two from Ontario and one from Newfoundland.

Most will be working as part of a team but Jordan will be going solo with her “script under her arm.”

Jordan applied to the Telefilm Canada Pitch-This competition several weeks ago. As required, she faxed a four-page script proposal to Paris, France.

Two weeks later, she was notified of being among 12 who were shortlisted.

Another five weeks went by before Jordan got the news that she was one of the chosen six.

Telefilm Canada provided her with funding to do a film shoot of two scenes from the script. Jordan rounded up some of the best film people in BC to put it together.

Among them were Vancouver actors Micki Mansell and Doris Chilcott. who appear as “two grannies necking.” The film script is a comedy about two women, Freddie and Mary, who had a love affair during World War II while Mary’s husband was away in Europe. After the war is over, Mary picks up where she left off with her husband. Fifty years later, Freddie once again shows up on Mary’s doorstep.

Jordan has also been provided with film pitching coaches. One of them is producer Sharon McGowan of Better Than Chocolate note.

The Pitch-This winner will receive $6000 to travel to international film festivals in places like Rotterdam, Berlin and Cannes.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, which runs from September 7-14, Jordan will be able to attend as many workshops and film screenings as she can handle at no charge.

Jordan won this year’s best actress award from the BC Festival of Amateur Theatre. She portrayed Constance Ledbelly in Anne-Marie Macdonald’s Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet).

Last year, she was accepted to the Women in the Director’s Chair program at the Banff School of Art.

Five years ago, Jordan’s documentary film called No Surrender attracted 1100 people to Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre. It was about a group of Cheslatta First Nations people who were relocated by Alcan and the federal governments so a hydro-electric project could be built on their land.


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