Cheap rates, promotions top chamber’s agenda

January 8, 2018

I think a lot of people believe that moving to the Gulf Islands on the west coast of Canada means they will spend their time walking through the ocean beach sand in bare feet, watching Orca whales flipping through the waves and eating blackberries.

Not if you are going to live in a huge or even not so huge house and not if you are going to communicate with your neighbours.

Because if you do, they will ask you sooner or later to volunteer, possibly on several boards, etc.

Sitting on the local chamber of commerce would be one of them especially since it is linked to the tourist information centre on each island. On the islands, the tourist information centre is the go to place for anyone living on or visiting the island as it is run by volunteers who, because they are volunteers and don’t have to take regular breaks like government staff, go more ‘than the extra mile’ for almost anyone who approaches them.

Gulf Islands Driftwood — Pender Islands Edition

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Cheap rates, promotions top chamber’s agenda

by Tanya Lester

Although the four summer meetings held to get the Pender Island Chamber of Commerce off the ground were “low in numbers,” those attending were “high in enthusiasm,” according to acting president Greg Rowland.

The real estate agent believes it is time for a chamber to once again operate on the Penders to promote business and to provide lower rates of different kinds for members.

It can also act as a lobby group to make sure business interests are looked after, he said. An example would be to speak out about business activity “dropping like a stone” when there is a BC Ferries strike threat.

Rowland explained that the chamber’s new toll-free number…allows it to act as a clearinghouse for potential visitors who might want to know anything from where to ride horses to who provides massage therapy.

A number of lower rates on expenses can be obtained through chamber of commerce membership. There include long-distance telephone expenses, credit card discounts and cheaper gasoline prices.

Besides Rowland, the other acting table officers are Sherrie Boyte as vice-president, Linda Wein as treasurer and Jacqueline Dandeneau as secretary.

For the first year the annual membership fee will be $75 with a cap at $100 in future years.

The next public chamber of commerce meeting will be ….with a free lunch provided for members.

The speaker will be a representative of the Mayne Island Chamber of Commerca, who will discuss how the organization works on that island.

Another guest will be Peter Rowat of the RSL Com, a long distance telephone service provider that offers deep discounts to chamber members.


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