Cash for safety doled out

April 3, 2018

I guess I was meant to write and speak out in this lifetime.

Maybe this is why, in recent years, I have taken to Facebook and other social media outlets like a duck to water.

Not only have I had many pieces of writing — in almost all genres — published but I have sometimes written letters to the editor and have been sought out to comment on many topics by journalists all forms of print and electronic media.

Part of it was, I think, because the reporters were aware of me and new I am articulate so, in some ways, instead of having to hunt around, they could go straight to me. This happened particularly in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I lived for a couple of decades after growing up in rural Manitoba at Victoria Beach for the most part.

Here of is an example of the type of article in which I was quoted:

Winnipeg Free Press

July 3, 1996

Cash for safety doled out

by Stevens Wild

The provincial government will spend $105,800 to improve safety in Winnipeg, Urban Affairs Minister Jack Reimer announced yesterday.

Reimer said three programs would receive the funding under the $3.5-million block for urban safety in the Winnipeg Development Agreement.

But some critics and urban activists said the money would do little to combat growing concerns about crime in the city.

At a lunchtime announcement at Rossbrook House, Reimer said the youth drop-in centre would receive $87,800 over the next four years to offer an outreach program during school holidays , to expand programming in the evening and at night, and to provide part-time work at the centre for youths at risk.

The North Main Business Improvement Zone will receive $3,000 to install additional lighting in back lanes along Main Street from Sutherland Avenue to Selkirk Avenue.

The Manitoba Housing Authority will receive $15,000 to beef up security at the Lord Selkirk housing complex.

“I believe these three projects represent a significant step forward in addressing Winnipeggers’ concerns about safety,” Reimer said.

Except for just over $500,000 previously allocated for the Downtown Watch program, these are the only programs to be funded so far under the $3.5-million urban safety program, signed by the three levels of government almost a year ago.

But Reimer promised that more funding announcements would be coming soon.

Reimer, who said yesterday’s announcement was not timed to coincide with the recent spate of murders in the city, insisted the solutions to urban crime do not lie just with government.

“There’s a responsibility by communities, and by the people involved and the parents and the churches and the social organizations, so that everybody takes a hand,” he said.

Community activist Walter Gunn said that while he appreciated the efforts of Rossbrook House, the announcements would do little to assuage concerns of inner-city residents.

“The biggest problem in our neighbourhood is kids running around all night, breaking windows, breaking into cars,” Gunn said.

Tanya Lester said there needs to be reaction to address the crime problem.

“I feel the series of murders in the last few days and the street gangs to be very scary,” Lester said. “They can’t expect to drop a few thousand dollars in a particular area and think this is enough.”

Coun. Glen Murray (Fort Rouge) said the announcement means little in an era of government cuts to social programs.

“When you are seeing huge cuts , you are seeing small amounts of money being recycled at press conferences,” Murray said.


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